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I hear people say “oh my god I hate people” all the time without backlash. everyone knows they don’t hate every single individual in humanity. they have friends and family they love and hang out with. they simply hate the greedy, corrupted, oppressive nature of some human beings.
but the minute we say something about white people or men, no one seems to understand that it’s the same concept.


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Cillian being unnecessarily adorable as he signs autographs outside the BBC studios in London on Sept 24.

He was there for a Peaky Blinders related radio interview that you can listen to at fuckyeahpeakyblinders or BBC Radio. Exciting news in that interview. Cillian’s done some kind of musical collaboration with Orbital’s Paul Hartnoll that will be revealed in a few weeks. Might be a song on the Peaky Blinders soundtrack because Hartnoll’s been working on it. Yesss more music!



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Charming visualization from this altogether delightful children’s book about space – an imaginative and illuminating primer on the cosmos to spark awe in the souls of budding Sagans. 

Ok, but where’s Pluto? 

jefflion asked;
I am mostly surprised at how much I actually enjoy s8. I mean, I expected to like Capaldi but to hate everything else, and I actually enjoy s8 a lot. I guess s8 is not spectacular in any way, but I really, really like s8 Clara and I like Danny, so DW is, once again, enjoyable to watch. I mean, it's still full of wtf things and things I disagree with, but I guess so far, the focus is more on characters than "OMG, mystery!" so I enjoy that much. Plus, I like all 3 main characters. Enough for me.


I feel pretty much the same! In fact I have only 2 major gripes with the series so far:

1) Twelve commenting on Clara’s looks. It’s happening to such a frequent degree that if it wasn’t for Moffat I’d suspect something was up with his vision causing him to see Clara in some bizarro fun house mirror way w/o him realising. But since this is Moffat I can’t help but assume it’s just for cheap unfunny gags. ughh

2) The ~Dan the Soldier Man~ conflict is handled so clunky. I don’t even mind Twelve being wary of soldiers but the show isn’t presenting any context for this (same with his sudden grumpiness). I could accept all of this a lot better if they’d at least pay lip-service to Idk, ~Tranzalore let his Time War PTSD flare up again!~ or something. Anything, really.

Then again we’re heading towards some conflict between Twelve and Clara so maybe these issues will be tied up in a neat bow by the end of the series. I try not to get my hopes up but so far I’m positively surprised by the show so who knows, maybe we’re lucky??

Oh, don’t get me started on Twelve insulting Clara’s appearance. That is so wrong on basically any level. It’s pretty cheap and durdebro like to insult a woman on her appearance, and it’s so low I can’t even.

But wait, there’s more.

Even without misogyny, this thing is a total failure because it shows Moffat’s profound misunderstanding on how culture (and cultural miscomunication) work. The idea is to show that Twelve is an alien who doesn’t understand how human culture(s) work, and who can’t tell if a human is attractive and who can’t communicate his thought properly. Ok, even if we ignore the fact that the Doctor can fall in love with a human (let’s say, those were some of his previous incarnations but not him, ok, let’s say fair enough), what makes the biggest fail here is that there’s nothing alien about Twelve’s comments. He insults Clara’s looks in a very human way, and not just “general human” way, but in a specific way known to sexist men in western culture(s). Moffat could have used anything else to insult Clara if the goal was to show how confused Twelve is about the human ways, but the insults used are too specific, too “white cis het western male” specific. 

In short, the comments not only fail to portray Doctor as an alien, they are making him seem too specifically human (as in white cis het western male). A total fail of trying to present an alien, if that was the goal. (And I’m not even sure it was the goal; I’d say it’s just Moffat’s cheap, uninspiring idea of what’s “funny”). 

As for Danny, I should probably write a longer meta, but yes, I agree - the whole soldier angle is forced and unnecessary. It better have something to do later on because so far, it makes no sense and it’s completely unnecessary. The whole soldier conflict with Doctor is forced and again, it better tie up with something later on because this way it just seems wtf. 

Thought I must admit I’d rather if there’s no any connection with anything later on and that Danny’s soldier side is just forgotten because it seemed forced on the character altogether. Maybe it’s just me, but Danny seems more on the vulnerable and sensitive side than the tough soldier side, and while you can have both in a person I can’t help thinking that the way Samuel Anderson plays Danny is different than Moffat writes him. Or something. 

In any case, I must say I love Danny and I sure hope Moffat won’t ruin him. I also love s8 Clara, and it’s probably one of the nicest surprises about s8. I also love Capaldi, but it’s not surprising. Look, I’m not saying s8 is great or anything; whenever I watch some stuff from Nine or Ten era I can’t help thinking how declining quality (in lack of a better word) is what we have now, but it’s still enjoyable. Which is not something I could say for previous couple of seasons. Which yes, I’d say it’s a positive thing and I love Clara and Twelve together. I also like Danny a lot, which is probably why I enjoy s8 - to me, characters are the basis for a show. They will either make it or break it, so if you focus on mysteries more than characters, then it all goes “meh” to me. So far, while I wouldn’t really say that s8 is character-driven, there is more focus on characters (and not just Doctor) so yes, I find that enjoyable. Which probably shows how low my demands are, but whatever.